Summer Workshops

Atelier d'été La Ruche-The Hive; impressions 3 passages «inspirées» par Kandinsky


EDWARDS GARDEN offers a rich array of flowers and creatively designed landscapes where LA RUCHE-THE HIVE artists found the required inspiration for their first WATERCOLOURS artworks...


Youth soccer players

The young La Ruche-The Hive artists started their 3 days workshops with a trip to RIVERDALE FARM, where they practiced their sketching skills drawing real animals (horses, sheep, pigs) after a brief class on how to use the magic 3 pencils for a more lively renditions of their models...

Ateliers d'été

Summer Workshops

After-School Programs


Youth soccer programs

The LA RUCHE-THE HIVE artists discovered the art of STAINED GLASS WINDOWS by studying the beautiful artworks from the Neo-Gothic Revival RIVERDALE Chapel.